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When will Google stop supporting your Chromebook? This fact sheet has the answer

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It seems like all we’ve been hearing lately is “Chromebooks this” and “Chromebox that.” Despite all the good press for the low-cost, Google-powered devices, however, the roses and sunshine won’t last forever for Chrome OS customers.

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If you’re a Chrome OS for Enterprise or Education customer, you’ll receive support for your hardware for at least four years. That means early 2018 – and early 2018 is the best case scenario. This is according to Google’s very own “Chrome OS End of Life Policy” page, which you can check out for yourself here

In case you’re wondering, receiving support means that your device will receive automatic software updates. Since Google does this on a hardware-by-hardware basis, once your gear reaches the end of life date, you’re cut off from receiving further updates. Or, as the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld would say, “No soup for you!”

If, for example, you own an Acer AC700, which first launched in 2011, you’ll stop receiving support in July of next year. But if you own a Toshiba Chromebook, you’ll get support until February 2018. According to Google, end of support dates “may be pushed later than the initial date published, but will never be sooner than listed, which will be at least a minimum of 4 years from launch of the hardware.”

Just to clarify again: These dates are “currently applicable only to Chrome OS for Enterprise and Education customers.” It’s not exactly clear what the support window is for general customers.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the ancient (but still quite popular) Windows XP is over 12 years old and is still receiving support, though that’ll end this coming April 8. Meanwhile, Windows 7 users will get support until January 14, 2020, and Windows 8 is supported until January 10, 2023.

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