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Close to the Metal Ep. 45: Computex 2017 reignites the fight between AMD and Intel

Computex, the annual hardware trade show hosted in Taipei, is in full swing, which means there’s plenty of news showing up just after midnight on North America.

Surprisingly, processors are hogging the news this year. Intel’s Core X-Series is the big announcement. The new line of chips includes models that cost up to $2,000, boasting 18 cores and 36 threads. That chip, the Core i9-7890XE, has more cores and threads than any other consumer processor, including AMD’s announced buy unreleased Threadripper.

Not all the X-Series chips are expensive monsters, however. Some of them are much more affordable, including a Core i5 model with only four cores and four threads. What, then, makes it an X-Series processor? Two things. It can be overclocked, and it runs on the new X299 platform, which supports all Intel’s latest features.

AMD’s press conference has not yet happened, but there’s already been some important news about Intel’s rival. Dell has announced Ryzen availability in its new Inspiron Gaming Desktop, as well as the Dell XPS 27 all-in-one. These are important wins for AMD, as they place Ryzen in the spotlight. The Inspiron Gaming Desktop isn’t available with Intel chips at all, and budget gamers will likely applaud that decision.

We’ll discuss all this, and much more, on episode 45.

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