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Most hated ISP in the U.S. is now offering faster broadband

If you live out in the sticks and just got your first taste of fiber broadband, perhaps you should keep looking, as the world is already moving well beyond that seemingly speedy standard. Comcast has announced that its 2Gbps fiber package is now available to as many as 18 million homes around the U.S.. On top of that, it has a new gigabit cable package coming just around the corner.

The first cities to be applicable to the new  DOCSIS 3.1 cable connection are Atlanta and Nashville, with customers in those areas getting the option to upgrade their existing cable connections to the new high-speed system at some point in the next few months.

Following on from those cities in the latter half of 2016 are Detroit, Chicago, and Miami, though Comcast isn’t being any more specific about expected launch dates just yet.

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However if you are one of those within the areas for Comcast’s 2Gbps fiber and don’t mind upgrading your own wiring, you may not need to wait for high-speed cable. Already available to those living in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and Nashville, and with expansion to further smaller markets, the aforementioned 18 million homes now have access to the super-fast connection.

Although the DOCSIS 3.1 cable connection is a great innovation, allowing faster Internet in homes and businesses that have yet to be upgraded to fiber optic, the photonic connection standard is the future of wired data transfer and will likely be the most forward-thinking upgrade path.

Offering both gives plenty of Comcast customers a choice, though Comcast may need to do more than that to retain its place as one of the more popular cable and telecoms providers in the U.S. It’s currently rated as the most hated (by far) broadband provider according to FCC complaints.

Often it seems though that people don’t have much choice if they want to switch. Are you stuck with a terrible ISP?

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