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Alienware’s amazing 55-inch monitor has OLED screen, 4K resolution

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At its CES 2019 event, Alienware dropped a surprise to consumers, announcing a new 55-inch, 120Hz, 4K OLED display. Pricing, availability, and technical specs were not available, but it is designed on Alienware’s new “Legend” industrial design language. From images seen on the stage, it looks to be impressive, as the display is packing a circular bar of lighting on the back, similar to what is included on the new Alienware-Area-51m.

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OLED screens are great. The individual pixels can be turned off when needed, leading to brighter image quality compared to LCD panels seen on typical screens. Unfortunately, some manufacturers have found that it also can draw a lot of power, cause image retention issues, and kick up prices for the end consumer, which is why OLED displays and laptops were missing last year at CES. We’re happy to see them making a return.

“Dell is the leader in displays around the world, we ship more displays than anyone else. We’ve taken OLED to the next level… these pictures don’t do it justice… I promise you won’t be disappointed, this thing is absolutely amazing,” said Frank Azor, Vice President & General Manager, Alienware, Gaming.

In addition, Dell also announced that it is expanding OLED to its 15-inch gaming notebooks. This includes Dell XPS and Alienware models. Though only saying that consumers should expect these options “soon,” Dell promises that OLED will bring an incredible contrast ratio, incredible color gamut, and unmatched response time to its laptops. At the same time, Dell also revealed plans to introduce 240 Hz displays to some of its gaming laptops around April.

We’ve seen a number of OLED laptops at CES 2019 thus far. HP introduced a new Spectre X360 15 with an OLED Panel, and Lenovo’s new revised C730 upped the wow factor with stunning OLED, HDR screens. Dell remains the only company with an OLED gaming monitor, though, as the other big monitors announced at CES, like the Omen X Emperium 65, are using traditional LCD screens.

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