Digital Trends’ top 5 viral videos of the week, November 12, 2010

Digital Trends top 5 viral videos of the week november 12 2010 motocross 2

We are back with a new selection of videos to tickle your fancy. These videos are not all from this week, but they all made us laugh or caused our jaws to drop recently. Enjoy!

Adorable puppy dreams of adorable things adorably

Ok, so the puppy is probably dreaming of digging a hole or pooping or something mundane, but it is so cute that this video made the front page of Yahoo. Even the most cynical and jaded people on the internet should be able to grudgingly admit that this pup is adorable. Then they can explain how it is actually a fake video and the puppy is actually an actor or something.

Football team runs the “sucker formation”

This video is from a middle school football game in Texas, which is kind of like the equivalent of a high school game in other states– people in Texas take their football seriously. Just look at the uniforms of both teams, they are nicer than many Division II colleges. So upon the hike, the QB then proceeds to literally risk his life by walking through the opposing defense; keep in mind that if anyone had realized what he was doing, they could have had a free hit on the kid, and this video would have had a much sadder result. We’d probably still be watching it though.

Freestyle motocross montage

Anyone remember that scene in XXX where Vin Diesel rides a dirt bike out of a war zone and narrowly escapes a giant explosion by being just seconds ahead of the fireball? Exciting stuff. Totally ridiculous, but exciting. These guys pretty much do the same thing, just without the explosions and disregard for reality.

People watching

Part practical joke, part sociological experiment, in the video below the people behind the camera decide to see if they could herd people through a narrow walkway by using magic cones that throw up invisible fences. With just a few tweaks, this Maginot Line of tape and rubber is then used to redirect almost every pedestrian on the street. The real question is what would have happened if they had tried to lead people inside the building?

You got your skiing in my parachuting. You got your parachuting in my skiing. Hey…!

So you take skiing, mix in parachutes, then throw in a scooch of mental instability and you have this “new sport” called dead man floating. Now, typically it is dangerous enough to ski over ungroomed and wild mountains. Anything can happen, from an avalanche to a bank of hidden rocks waiting to take you down, plus there are all those pesky cliffs to plummet to your death down. On the same note, parachuting and paragliding over remote mountains isn’t the safest thing either, since they tend to be somewhat windy being that they are, you know, mountains and all. So what do you get when you combine the two? An awesome video!