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Elgato Releases EyeTV One Tuner for Windows and Mac

eye-tv-one-1Elgato announced its new EyeTV One TV tuner for DTV antennas. The company says EyeTV One will deliver digital TV and HDTV channels straight to your Mac or PC, allowing you to watch and record the huge variety of TV shows that are broadcast over-the-air for free. Eye TV conveniently comes with a USB built-in extender cable so you don’t have to block one of your computers ports. The EyeTV One also features a standard full-size coaxial plug and can be connected to an indoor or outdoor antenna without the need for an additional adapter.

eye-tv-one-2If you are sporting a Mac, then this handy TV tuner lets you watch, pause, rewind, record and share live TV. Elgato says its EyeTV 3 software, featured on the EyeTV One, has a built-in editor to remove unwanted content and can automatically send recordings to iTunes to sync with an iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV. Windows users don’t get as many cool tricks like the Apple-fans do, but the EyeTV is still quite the gadget. EyeTV One is available at Apple resellers in the US and Canada, and at the Elgato online store for $119.95.


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