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Facebook claims 44 percent of online sharing

2010-addthis-trends-infographicA trend analysis from AddThis was reported by Mashable this morning, and it reveals that a whopping 44 percent of online sharing happens on Facebook. Last year, the social networking site was the platform for 33 percent of online sharing, and its growth has only made it more dominant. And there is no clear second – following Facebook are over 300 alternative services out there (think Twitter and Digg) that are competing for a piece of the share button pie.

While Facebook is easily controlling this market, the infographic also shows that Google and StumbleUpon have experienced significant growth when it comes to users sharing information via their sites. AddThis points out that despite having only a third of the users Facebook does, Gmail’s sharing volume grew 1.4 times faster than the social network’s. StumbleUpon found itself in a similar situation, with a growth rate of 254 percent sharing over the last year. Inversely, MySpace, Friendster, and Favorites all saw plummeting sharing numbers.

What is most surprising about this data is that Facebook’s count does not include any information shared through its “Like” button. Add to that the title of most visited website this year,and we can only imagine what kind of Facebook domination 2011 will bring. Check out the infographic for a look at how consumers shared over the Internet in 2010.

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