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Facebook Tops List of Most Searched U.S. Companies

Forget those little guys like Yahoo and Google. According to a new report released by internet analysis company, Hitwise, Facebook is the most searched for website in the U.S.

Last month Facebook commanded 2.8 percent of all U.S. based search traffic, ahead of second place Google which had 2.40 percent. Yahoo, Craigslist and MySpace rounded out the top five. Hitwise also highlights the trends between Facebook and social network rival, MySpace. In August of 2009, Facebook and MySpace were even at 1.5 percent of the overall U.S. internet traffic. Since then, Facebook has steadily been climbing while MySpace continues trend downwards and is currently at 1.10 percent.

And while nearly 30 percent of all of Facebook’s traffic comes from the U.S., a second site,, ranks Facebook number two in the world traffic, behind only Google.  That’s encouraging news for Facebook’s future as a free social network, especially after false rumors of a switch to a subscription model made their way around the internet.

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