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Facebook Users Scammed into Downloading ‘Dislike’ Button

For every yin there is a yang, but for every like, there is apparently not a dislike. Despite an ever increasing number of apps promising users a “dislike” button to counter the “like” button on Facebook, users that download a “dislike button” app are likely to be disappointed. As are their friends, when they begin to receive wall posts and messages filled with spam.

Hackers have begun to trick users into installing rogue applications on their Facebook profiles, by offering a coveted “dislike” button. Users that accept the downloadable application are also asked to complete an online survey, which earns cash for the scammers.  The surveys are legitimate, but will benefit the scammers.  Once the application is installed, it then begins to send out spam from the infected user’s account.

The remedy is simple: Do not install unknown apps.

“We always encourage people to not click on links that appear suspicious — even if posted from a friend,” a Facebook spokesperson told the BBC.

“They can report any posts to us. We can make sure that we take down any application or all of the links across Facebook.”

There are currently add-on features for the Firefox browser that will place a “dislike button” on the browser, but currently, Facebook has not discussed the possibility of releasing a similar feature.

“Anyone can write a Facebook app — these scams are constantly springing up,” he said.

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