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Google’s Pixelbook 2 ads reveal bezel-less design ahead of October launch

Image credit: Bill H via Chrome Unboxed

With Google slated to announce its updated Pixel hardware lineup next month, there has been a number of leaks over the past few days of what Google’s latest hardware designs for its Chromebook could look like. Google is widely expected to take the wraps off of what appears to be two distinct Pixelbook 2 models at its October media event, and the latest images of show what appears to be a convertible Chromebook design with a virtually bezel-less display.

Given that the ad depicts what appears to be a Chrome OS device with a similar convertible form factor to the Pixelbook, this design may be for the Pixelbook 2 model with a code name of Atlas. Like the current generation model, this design allows the Pixelbook 2 to convert between laptop and tablet modes with its 360-degree hinge. What’s interesting is that the images for this device come by way of official Google ads on Facebook and not from leaks.

Images of what is believed to be the Pixelbook 2 Atlas were posted by Chrome Unboxed. At this time, it’s unclear if this will be the final design of the device or if Google is merely trolling the internet. The narrow bezels could be the result of photo manipulation, a practice that’s not uncommon for rendering images in advertisements. However, if the design is accurate, the practicality of having virtually no bezels is questionable, as it would make this device hard to hold while being used as a tablet.

But this could still be a trend that Google will pursue for its next generation of Pixelbook designs — just not to this extreme. In an earlier leak, a developer build of Chrome OS revealed an animation of a tablet with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner and slimmed down bezels. If Google does indeed choose this design route for the Nocturne, as its ad would lead us to believe, it would need a new placement for the webcam since the screen extends fully to the top, sides, and bottom edges.

Over the weekend, a short Pixelbook 2 video was leaked, showing a device with slim bezels and a keyboard design with rounded keys. The video’s close-up view of the device doesn’t reveal too much about the overall design, but it’s believed that the Pixelbook 2 shown is a tablet with a detachable keyboard design. This would make this second Pixelbook 2 model more competitive against tablets, like Microsoft’s Surface Go and Surface Pro models as well as Apple’s iPad tablets. If the convertible model is referenced as Atlas, then the Pixelbook 2 tablet with its detachable design could be the Nocturne model.

Despite the number of leaks in recent days, it’s still unclear whether Google plans on unveiling both or either Pixelbook 2 models or designs at its October event.

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