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Google focuses on simplicity with Chrome 10 update

Chrome updateThe latest Chrome update is here, and Google is boasting a 66-percent JavaScript performance improvement on Google’s own benchmark suite. The speed enhancement is supposed to aid  the browser’s ability to run apps. But boosted speed isn’t the only benefit of the upgraded browser; the Chrome team has also remodeled its settings, making it simpler for users to synchronize their Web experience on various smart devices. Chrome’s settings menu is now a tab in the browser, making it that much more familiar to use. Trolling through a foreign-looking separate window for things like importing bookmarks or adding customizations can all be found within a tab instead, which is extremely easy to navigate. It also allows users to copy and paste links directly in the omnibox for settings solutions.

Google has also added its sandboxing technology to Flash in the new Chrome browser to ensure user security against malware-laden sites. Check out Google’s video below  for more information on its sandboxing technique. We’re still waiting on that major Chrome redesign, but we’ll placate ourselves with these simple improvements for the time being.

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