GTA V mod offers fans a whale invasion

Grand Theft Auto’s PC iterations have always been good fun when it came to mods. Whether you were driving around Liberty City as a Giraffe or racing through time in a Delorean dressed as Marty McFly, anything has been possible, and it’s usually as hilarious as it is fun. Fortunately that sort of silliness is now crossing over into the latest iteration of the game, and the biggest development so far, quite literally, has been one that adds invading humpback whales to the equation.

In actuality this is a mod that has been available for some time as part of the Native Trainer, Script Hook V combination modification put together by Alexander Blade. The mod lets players spawn different elements of the game, and adjust various settings and otherwise play around with the world of GTA V as if they were its founding deity. A deity, moreover, that enjoys dropping giant marine mammals from the sky, right into the heart of a contemporary city.

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Showcased perfectly in the video above by YouTuber Merfish is the quite normal-looking day-to-day life of San Andreas and its inhabitants, an existence that is interrupted when a 60-ton whale drops from the sky. Some of the residents’ reactions, which range from indifferent to shellshocked, are pretty amusing.

Perhaps the best part, though, is the flopping around that the whale does as part of its entrance, all the while sporting a large, baleen grin. The massive intruder is having a great time and no exploding cars, terrified local residents, or even the military can stop it from having its fun.

What are some of your favorite modifications for GTA V? And have you done anything particularly crazy with the Script Hook V + Native Trainer mod?