GTX 950 (probably) coming this Thursday with a $160 price tag

gtx 950 nvidia launch rumor gtx950 02

It seems like Nvidia may be jumping on the leaks of imagery and specifications of its still as-yet-unannounced GTX 950 card, as a new report is now suggesting that the GPU could be launching as soon as this Thursday, August 20.

This would indeed be quite a sudden arrival, since Nvidia has yet to tell us anything official about the card, nor hype its release at all. However that’s exactly what Japanese tech site Hermitage Akihabara is suggesting (via Hexus). Purportedly too, the price will be around 20,000 yen or $160, which would make it a little more expensive than the GTX 750 it is set to replace.

However, if rumored specifications are true — and VideoCardz is now claiming they are — it would come with 50 percent more CUDA cores than its predecessor. Memory is also being doubled up to 2GB of GDDR5, though it will operate over the same bus width.

We also now have much more solid numbers on the card’s various clock speeds. The core clock is said to operate at 1,089MHz, but boosted it can reach as high as 1,266MHz. The memory is said to operate at 1,652MHz.

In Nvidia’s current line up of hardware, this would place the new card somewhere between the GTX 960 and the GTX 750 Ti in terms of performance. However the fact that the GTX 950 is thought likely to have a TDP of just 90 watts, might be a strong selling point for some users who require a low-power but reasonable-performing system.

While we will need to wait for Nvidia to make the official announcement to confirm much of this news, we can rest assured that there are a number of different solutions coming from different manufacturers. Images for Zotac and Gigabyte versions of the card have appeared, showing various cooling configurations, which will no doubt factor into the final clock speed and pricing.