How to record a Skype call

Recording a call for your podcast? Here's how to record a Skype session


Wish you knew how to record a Skype call so you can watch or listen to it again later? Whether it’s for a family memento or a potential podcast, you might want a simple way to record your audio or video conversations. It’s not hard, assuming you know the right tools — however, there’s no universal solution. Windows and Mac users will need different tools for the job, and regardless of your platform, you still might want to check out several options depending on what you’re looking for when it comes to recording software.

We’ll be assuming you’ve already installed the latest version of Skype for our guide, but if you haven’t, head to the Skype website and download it before we get started.

Note: Recording audio and video conversations without asking the other party for permission is legally questionable and differs based on where you live. Check the laws in your local area, or ask for permission before recording.

For more help on using Skype, check out our guide to sharing your screen during a call.


MP3 Skype Recorder

Although it does only record the audio portion of a call, MP3 Skype Recorder is the most lightweight and hands-off of the Skype recording solutions we recommend. It’s available entirely free, with only the most niche of features hidden behind the Pro version paywall. Here’s how to get it to record any and all Skype calls you want.

Step 1: Download MP3 Skype Recorder from the official website. Make sure to download the latest stable version.

Step 2: Install and run the software. You’ll be presented with a single pane window which gives you all of the adjustable options and settings right up front.

how to record a skype call on your pc or mac mp3skyperecorder01

Step 3: Confirm all of the settings — recording location, microphone and speaker options, recording quality — are to your liking and that the green “On” button in the top left-hand corner is highlighted. Then all you need do is make a call and the software will automatically begin recording for you.

how to record a skype call on your pc or mac mp3skyperecorder03

You’ll know it’s started when the small notification appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Note: You may need to confirm you’re okay with your Skype call being recorded in the main Skype window.

how to record a skype call on your pc or mac mp3skyperecorder02


Evaer is an extremely simple program, but it gets the job done in a pinch. With the free trial, you can record video conversations of up to five minutes in length. If you want to record longer videos than that, however, you’ll need to pay for the premium version ($20).

Step 1: Head to the Evaer website and download the program using the blue “Download Now” button near the top of the page. Once finished, run the installer, and Evaer should automatically open. Close Skype and reopen it — this should prompt the program to ask if you’d like to grant Evaer access, which you do.

Step 2: Once you begin your Skype call, the circular “Record” button in the upper-left corner should light up red, indicating that you’re ready to record. Click the button to start recording, then carry on with your conversation.

Step 3: When finished, click the button again (it’ll look like a red square now).

The recording should appear in the Evaer window, under the name of the Skype user with whom you were chatting. Right-click the conversion, and select “Open” from the drop-down menu to view the file in its destination folder. From here, you can play it, rename it, or upload it.


There are several programs dedicated to recording Skype calls on a PC, but they can be quite lackluster. Some are limited to recording the incoming video, some record at absurdly low FPS, and some simply don’t work. With that in mind, a good way to record Skype conversations is with simple screen capture software and Bandicam is one of the best of that bunch.

Step 1: Head to the Bandicam website and click the red “Download” button on the right. You’ll end up with an executable file. Launch this to install the software.

Step 2: Once you’ve opened the program, you’ll see a big gray box with lots of different information on it. For now, ignore most of this — you should see a yellow gamepad in the upper left. Next to it, you should see a grayed out rectangle — click it.

Step 3: Now, you’re in Screen Recording Mode, which is where you want to be. You should notice a black-and-blue frame appear around the edges of your screen, displaying the resolution in the upper left-hand corner. In the upper right-hand corner, you should see a red dot, with a large “REC” next to it. When you begin to record, everything inside this frame will be recorded, and everything outside it will be cut off. You can adjust the frame’s size and move it around until it works for you.

Step 4: Open Skype. Once your call is underway, click REC on the Bandicam frame, and the app will automatically begin recording everything that happens on your screen. If you’ve tailored the Bandicam frame to fit snugly around your Skype window, you’ll just be capturing your Skype conversation. Once the conversation ends (or once you don’t want to record anymore), click REC again to finish recording.

Step 5: Open the main Bandicam menu. In the center of your screen, you should see a customizable file destination for recordings. Click “Open” to the right, and you’ll be taken directly to your recording. That’s it! You can view the video, send it to friends or family, or anything else. Bandicam’s got a ton of cool features for you to play with as well, in case that interests you.

Unfortunately, screen recording software doesn’t pick up audio, so you’ll need to turn your volume way up (or output through speakers next to the microphone) in order to effectively hear what the other party is saying.


ECamm Call Recorder ($30)

If you want to record Skype calls on a Mac, Ecamm’s Skype Call Recorder is the obvious first choice. It’s not free, but there’s a seven-day trial if you want to try the software before shelling out $30. It’s also the easiest way to record Skype conversations on a Mac.

Step 1: Head to the Skype Call Recorder home page and download the trial version. You can buy the full version later if you want, but for now, let’s just get the software up and running.


Step 2: The trial comes in a ZIP file, which you merely need to click to open (or use one of these programs). You’ll find the installer inside. Run it and you’ll be prompted to install Call Recorder. Enter your password, if prompted.

Step 3: Launch Skype as your normally would. Everything will look the same, except there will now be a new window that opens alongside the main Skype window. Simply hit the red button in the new window to start recording your conversation.


You’ll see audio levels for both your microphone and the other people in the conversation, which lets you know if the recording is truly working. If you want to fine-tune how everything works — i.e., the resolution, format, and recording type — a preference pane in Skype’s settings will allow you to do so.

Step 4: If you weren’t already aware, you automatically installed a tool called Ecamm Movie Tools alongside Call Recorder. Launch the program — you can also open it via the magnifying glass in the ECamm window — and you can edit your recordings.


Step 5: From here, you can adjust the volume for either side of the conversation, decide whether to show one or both videos, and export to the file format of your own choosing. There’s even a share button for uploading directly to YouTube and Vimeo, or exporting to iMovie. As you can see in the image above, however, the trial version includes a prominent watermark.

That’s it! Do with the resulting file what you will. Keep in mind, however, that if one of you is using a slower computer, the video might record at an extremely low frame rate or resolution (even if you’ve customized the settings).


Not sure if you want to shell out $30? Well, thankfully, there’s an unlikely solution built right into your Mac: QuickTime. Apple’s iconic video player offers a screen recording feature. While that makes it great for recording web videos, it’s also handy for recording Skype calls.

Just launch QuickTime, click “File” in the menu bar, and click “New Screen Recording” to record any section of the screen.

This works well for video, but like Bandicam, the software cannot record the other side of a Skype conversation, as only your mic is supported. If you turn up the volume loud enough, however, your mic will likely pick up the other side of the conversation. Still, this is far from ideal. You could use SoundFlower or a similar piece of software to route all of your system sounds through a virtual audio interface, but learning how to use that requires another article entirely, and there’s currently no good way to hear the conversation while you’re recording it.

If you want to record both sides of the conversation on a Mac, Rogue Amoeba’s Piezo ($19) is worth looking into. This simple tool lets you record the audio from any program, including Skype.

Updated on November 30, 2017 by Jon Martindale with new methods and updates to copy.