HP joins the curved bandwagon with 3 widescreen monitors

If you thought the acronym for this year’s CES stood for “Curve Every Screen,” you wouldn’t be too far off.

HP is proving it’s no different from many of the other top display manufacturers in 2015 with its latest “c” lineup, and has plunged into the concave fray with the new EliteDisplay S270c, Pavilion 27c, and Z Display Z34c curved monitors.

At 27-inches across, both the 270c and 27c will offer a compact but immersive way to view your favorite content in full 1080p. The Z34c, meanwhile is a 21:9 screen with 3440 x 1440 resolution made for anyone who wants a display that will wrap around an entire desk. It competes directly with monitors like the LG 34UC97.

Ports on the S270c and 27c include two HDMI-in (one MHL compatible), one VGA-in, and one DisplayPort 1.2. The Z34c is just a hair lighter in this department, with two HDCP HDMI in and one DP 1.2 (also HDCP-ready).

HP Pavilion 27c

HP Pavilion 27c

Response times on the 270c, 27c and Z34c will see a substantial boost thanks to HP’s Overdrive technology. The feature does increase the power draw of the monitor, but the need for extra juice is justified by cutting response times nearly in half. Each display rates at 14 milliseconds gray-to-gray standard, and eight milliseconds with Overdrive switched on.

All three monitors promise booming sound from their DTS speakers, with the 270c and 27c mounting a four-watt audio assault, and the Z34c upping the power to six watts. That’s quite a lot for a sound system in a monitor’s bezel!

HP has told retailers to make space in their storage rooms for the S270c and 27c as of today for only $399 each, with the Z34c following right on their heels in April at $999 MSRP.