IBM ThinkPad X40 Review

Quote from the review:

“The ThinkPad X40 is IBM’s smallest and lightest laptop to date. Complementing the company’s current ultraportable, the ThinkPad X31 (from £1,339 ex. VAT), the ThinkPad X40 weighs just 1.25kg(around 25 per cent lighter than the ThinkPad X31) and is some 20 per cent smaller, making it a dream of a machine for frequent business travellers that don’t need high-end computing power or a largedisplay. Encased in tough titanium composite carbon fibre reinforced plastic case, which is three times the strength of ABS plastic, the laptop offers mobile business users all the features andconnectivity required to make working on the move more comfortable. Similar to its predecessor, the ThinkPad X40 sets the standard for portability, battery life and wireless connectivity in a mobilecomputer system, but its processing power is limited.”   Read the full review