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Lian Li’s new computer case will make your processor happy, your wallet cry

lian lis new 400 pc case has all the options x510 000
If you demand the best of the best in every component of your rig, does Lian Li have the product for you. Dubbed the PC-X510, the Taiwan-based computer case company has revealed that it’s coming out with a premium mid-tower case planned to retail at $399.

Yes, you read that correctly. Four hundred bucks for a computer case.

But, if you’re in desperate need of a “spacious interior” with three unique chambers “for optimal cooling,” the X510 makes that possible, thanks to its tri-chamber design. Additionally, the PC-X510 features three 120mm intake fans, all of which work together to absorb air through the front of the case while two other fans — located in the middle chamber and top of the case — discharge hot air through the back.

The exterior is built from brushed aluminum and features a tempered glass plate so that you can see the computer’s interior from the outside. Case windows aren’t uncommon, but they’re usually plexi-glass, which is prone to scratches and hazing over time.

Furthermore, a 360mm liquid cooling radiator replaces the three intakes Lian Li forewent with the PC-X510 while the power supply rests in the base area. In the top section of the case, two removable drive trays occupy much of the space, each attached to shock-absorbent rubber grommets. Each of these trays bolsters support for up to two 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch drives, meaning you could theoretically use four internal hard drives simultaneously with your luxury computer case.

However, removing the trays would allow you to improve your cooling options. You could potentially add up to two 120mm fans or a 240mm liquid cooling radiator in their place, effectively averting the concern for overheating even with a massively overclocked system. In that case, you could actually mount one of the trays behind the motherboard tray, or you could buy more trays from Lian Li, adding up to six drives in total, located bot up top and behind the motherboard.

And if six isn’t enough, the middle compartment bears two more drives, mounted to the top of the power supply enclosure. This, in theory, means that the case could potentially house eight drives, or six without buying the extra trays.

Fortunately, the PC-X150 allows full-sized components to be stored inside of it. Encompassed within are eight expansion slots, each with support for cards up to 33mm, or about 12.99 inches, in size. It also bears support for CPU coolers up to 18omm, about 7.08 inches, as well as power supplies of up to 245mm in length, about 9.64 inches.

Moreover, we’re presented with removable fan filters, a built-in fan controller, and, on the top panel, a slider cover concealing four USB 3.0 ports along with HD audio in/out.

$400 is a lot to ask for a computer case, but a few premium enclosures have demanded as much in the past, and Lian-Li is not stranger to concept — it markets more high-end cases than any other brand. There are worse ways to waste four Benjamins.

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