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Logitech’s G410 mechanical keyboard dons Romer-G switches, RGB lighting, second screen controls

logitechs g410 mechanical keyboard dons romer g switches rgb lighting second screen controls logitech atlas spectrum
Today Logitech revealed to us its G410 Atlas Spectrum TKL mechanical gaming keyboard. The “ultra-light” keyboard dons the company’s proprietary Romer-G mechanical switches, which promises 25 percent faster actuation than regular mechanical keyboards.

Additionally, Logitech assures us the G410 is more durable than previous Atlas keyboards and that it bears “intelligent” RGB illumination, though it does lack a conventional numeric keypad.

Fortunately, those who like smartphone connectivity with their keyboards are in luck, as the Atlas Spectrum TKL bolsters support for Arx Control. The mobile app displays information about your games on your smartphone or tablet, so long as it sports either Android or iOS. And, the Arx Control dock that comes with the keyboard adds another dimension to the setup by positioning your smartphone or tablet in an upright position so that you can see your second-screen stats head-on.

Thanks to onboard Romer-G switches, the G410 Atlas Spectrum gets an actuation point of 1.5mm, allowing for faster input and low-latency when engaged in competitive gaming matches. Likewise, Logitech claims durability has improved to 70 million keystrokes, up to 40 percent more than competing mechanical gaming keyboards on the market.

It justifies the exclusion of the numeric keypad by boasting portability. Of course, being tenkeyless, it’s easier to move around to LAN parties and friend’s houses. Plus, Logitech says, “the compact design brings your hands closer together for improved comfort,” meaning it’s probably not an ideal purchase if you prefer to space your fingers out. But apparently it’s good for low-DPI gamers.

Also available is the option to individually customize the color of every key on the board, with the ability to choose from a 16.8 million color palette. That way you can plot out specific commands and key combinations by color-coding them, using the accompanying Logitech software of course. Also appealing is that the software gives you total control over the brightness of the central lighting, which is great if the default lighting setting is perpetually blinding.

You can expect the Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum to go on sale at some undisclosed point next month. It’ll be available in both the US and Europe for $130 and €149, respectively.

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