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Logitech’s G610 keyboards answer the gamer’s call for Cherry MX switches

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In a private pre-GDC briefing that took place on Monday, Logitech revealed to us two new G Orion gaming keyboards, this time featuring Brown and Red Cherry MX mechanical switches, adjustable LED lighting, and “pure performance-driven design.”

Essentially, as Logitech senior product manager Chris Pate told us, the new mechanical keyboard twins are a revision to the G810 Orion Spectrum that notably addresses the popular community request of Cherry MX switches.

These switches, Logitech informed us in a press release, bear a 50 million keystroke rating, actuating for an experience the company guarantees to be reliable. For those unfamiliar, the difference between the Cherry MX Red version and the MX Brown edition lies in the keypress actuation. While the G610 Orion Brown features a “tactile bump” for a tangible feedback as you type, the G610 Orion Red omits that reaction, opting for keypress linearity and “rapid-fire” actuation.

Design-wise, the Logitech G610 twins boast “fingerprint-masking” matte texture, as well as a damage resistant braided connection cable. Likewise, Logitech claims that the white LED backlighting on the keys is “precisely engineered” for a quality build.

“Keyboard enthusiasts want a variety of options,” explains Logitech vice president and GM of gaming Ujesh Desai. “Our new G610 Orion keyboards deliver a clean, sophisticated design along with a choice of mechanical switches.”

Of course, as expected with any gaming-centric keyboard, both G610 models ship with support for LGS, or Logitech Gaming Software, which allows users to customize the brightness of their keys in addition to color patterns and effects. This can be especially useful with titles reliant on memorizing a specific combination of buttons. Whether for spells or other in-game functions, players can group keys based on color or illumination using exclusively the F1 and F12 keys.

Furthermore, the new Logitech G610 keyboard pairing brings a row of media controls for video and music playback during or between gaming sessions. The built-in roller lets you control the audio volume while the play, pause, mute, and skip functions enable you to manage your background entertainment regardless of the task at hand.

For those interested, the Logitech G610 Orion Brown and Orion Red will simultaneously land later this month in both the United States and Europe at an MSRP of $119 and €139, respectively.

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