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Magic Leap AR headset testers will capture 'environments and user behavior'

magic leap begins gathering location data in florida headset
The Magic Leap augmented reality headset is one step closer to becoming a reality, as a recently unearthed job posting indicates that testers will soon begin capturing “environments and user behavior” in real-world settings.

Magic Leap’s data-gathering initiative will kick off at the company’s headquarters in Plantation, Florida. Testers will be expected to drive capture equipment to “nearby locations” in order to gather geographic data for future augmented reality applications.

While Magic Leap’s hardware capabilities remain shrouded in secrecy, its creators are enthusiastic about the headset’s ability to deliver “mixed reality” experiences. Recent patent filings feature illustrated designs for the Magic Leap headset, revealing that the device uses a pair of eyepieces covered by a large front-facing shield, similar to technology currently employed by VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Magic Leap targets the augmented reality field rather than virtual reality, however, putting it in closer competition with Microsoft’s in-development Hololens peripheral. Google, currently making inroads into the virtual reality industry with its own Daydream View mobile VR headset, invested $542 million into the Magic Leap project in late 2014. Other early investors include technology manufacturer Qualcomm and film production company Legendary Pictures.

As anticipation builds for Magic Leap’s forthcoming debut, the company is set to hire a team of data collectors who will capture environmental details in and around Magic Leap’s Florida headquarters.

“This position involves collecting data with Magic Leap devices in real-world locations,” the company’s Field Engineer job listing reads. “Work will entail setting up and using high precision equipment to capture both environments and user behavior in home settings. Applicants will be based at Magic Leap Headquarters in Plantation, and drive with equipment to nearby locations for data collection.”

A targeted launch date for the Magic Leap is not yet known.

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