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Microsoft Edge 91 rolls out with new sleeping tabs and startup boost

At this week’s Build 2021 developers conference, Microsoft is highlighting two performance-boosting features in Microsoft Edge version 91: Sleeping tabs and a startup boost. The company also pointed to several milestone moments for the browser.

With the startup boost feature, Edge is now able to respond more quickly by running a set of core Edge processes in the background without adding additional resources when existing windows are open. The feature can help you jump back into the action quickly after turning your PC back on.

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With sleeping tabs, meanwhile, Microsoft Edge works better when multiple tabs are being used simultaneously. Under the hood, Edge frees up system resources from unused tabs. The feature was previously available in version 90 of Edge, but Microsoft says it is now even more optimized. Sleeping Tabs can now provide up to 82% memory savings based upon Microsoft’s internal data.

While those are the heavy-hitting features for consumers, Microsoft shared some updates on the developer side of the web browser. Since last year’s Build, Microsoft says it contributed over 5,300 commits to the open-source Chromium project. It also worked with developers to bring more Progressive Web Apps to the Microsoft Store, in three easy steps. Finally, Microsoft also has plans in place to help those who might be impacted by the retirement of Internet Explorer 11.

“Since last Build, the Microsoft Edge platform continues to empower developers with the latest tools ready for today’s evolving web landscape. We hope you enjoy Microsoft Build this year and feel energized by all the new developer innovations,” said Microsoft.

Edge 91 is rolling out this week. You can download the update today by hitting the three right-facing dots next to your profile icon, choosing Settings, going to About Microsoft Edge, and then restarting the browser.

If you’re interested in trying out these features before a general public release, you can do so easily by joining the Microsoft Edge Insider program. Just visit Microsoft’s website and choose a channel. The Dev Channel is usually the most stable, while the Canary gets features at a fast pace. Release schedules line up with what Google has done with its own Chrome web browser.

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