Microsoft to Terminate MSN Direct

msndirect-feedsMicrosoft has taken a hit out on its MSN Direct service, marking its planned death date on January 1, 2012. The company posted an MSN Direct Service Announcement via the Los Angeles Times and promised that until the kill-date, it does not plan to change anything about the service. MSN Direct’s services deliver data over FM radio signals— including weather, horoscopes, stocks, news, sports results, and calendar notifications. After the service has been executed, the devices carrying MSN Direct will no longer receive feeds, information or any kind of service from it.

Regardless of the approaching kill-date, Microsoft says it will still offer new 12-Month subscriptions through December 2010. And since this notice was posted early—about two years early—Microsoft says that 12-Month subscription customers will continue to receive their service through the end of their current subscription and the One-Time Payment customers should all be completely notified about the change within two weeks, according to Microsoft.