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Microsoft dishing out $500 bonuses to some developers who port Buildbox games to Windows 10

A new version of the drag-and-drop game maker software Buildbox recently went live, updating the platform to version 2.1.0 with two new features: support for Microsoft’s universal app platform for Windows and swipe controls. The release also comes packed with new exporting options for Windows 10 and Xbox One as well, allowing game creators to offer their freshly baked titles on both platforms simultaneously for the first time.

To celebrate the launch, Buildbox has teamed up with Microsoft and Vungle on a new promotion. The latter company typically deals with in-app video advertising on mobile devices, and was one of the early adopters of advertising within Windows 10 apps. The advertising company has released an software development kit for Windows 10 that’s now included in Buildbox 2.1.0. After all, game creators need to make revenue somehow, right?

Under the new promotion, Microsoft and Vungle will hand over $500 to Buildbox users who bring their games to the Windows 10 platform. However, there are a few rules Buildbox users must follow in order to get their hands on the cash, with one of them being that they have to be an actual Buildbox paying customer. The software costs a single payment of $2,675, in monthly installments of $99, or is available for an annual subscription price of $999. In other words, it’s not cheap.

As for other rules, the developer’s game should be exported to the Windows 10 Store, and display only adds provided by Vungle. A single game must also generate $25 in Vungle Ads revenue before July 1. The two companies will hand over the cash prize to the first 30 developers that cross over the $25 threshold before the time runs out. Developers can only receive one bonus even if they have multiple games listed on the Windows 10 Store.

“After you’ve crossed the revenue threshold for any single game, email with your account email address,” said Buildbox founder Trey Smith. “Make sure to notate in the subject you are part of the Buildbox community and have completed this promotion.  After Vungle has verified you are one of the first 30 people to cross the threshold, Microsoft will add $500 to your developer payment account and you will be paid during the next billing cycle.”

According to Smith, exporting Buildbox games to Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform system is rather simple. First, developers create a Vungle account, enter the Vungle Key details in the software’s settings, and make Vungle the sole ad provider. After that, developers hit File, then Export, then Windows Store to export the game.  To compile the binary, developers must get a Windows 10 developer account and download Visual Studio Community.  The finished game can then be uploaded to both the Windows developer account and the Windows 10 Store.

Buildbox is attractive in that anyone can create a game without needing to know programming or scripting. Users can take advantage of the software’s presets to get started quickly, or import images and assign them properties, allowing the game creator to freely move them around within the scene. Buildbox includes gameplay settings, character settings, logic pieces, and component control for creating the ultimate 2D gaming experience. Don’t think 2D is the way to go? Tell that to Rovio and PopCap Games!

Some of the more popular games created with Buildbox include Color Switch, Damn Daniel, and The Line Zen. The game-creation tool actually went public in January 2015, and has since seen more than 30 games featured by Apple and more than 40 games that have hit the Top 100 of the Games chart for iPhone. Buildbox exports games to Apple’s iOS platform, Apple’s OS X platform, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows. There’s even an option of exporting directly to Amazon (Android).

Game creators itching to get into the business can take a look at Buildbox and take advantage of the new promotion before Microsoft and Vungle hand out all the $500 goodies. That’s a nice chunk of change that could buy you a new Xbox One or PlayStation 4 console, or half of a year’s subscription to Buildbox.

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