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More than 60% of PC owners haven’t even heard of Windows 11

Microsoft has a big change coming soon in the form of Windows 11, but that doesn’t mean word has spread to the masses just yet. According to a survey by, 62% of Windows users are unaware of the existence of Windows 11. recently carried out a survey to “gauge awareness and excitement for Windows 11.” A total of 1,042 current Windows users were asked about their awarenessof  and eagerness to upgrade to Windows 11.

One of the wallpapers from the Windows 11 sunset theme.
via: Reddit/u/archimedeancrystal

Results revealed that only under 40% of these people had knowledge regarding the release of the new operating system. The same 40% also said they are willing to switch to the new version when the time comes.

The rest of the 60% confessed that not only do they not have any knowledge of the upcoming version, but they were also unaware of whether or not their devices are compatible with Windows 11. This is primarily because the operating system is incompatible with older CPUs and PCs missing a TPM 2.0 chip.

The PC Health Check app is capable of telling people whether the OS will work on their current devices, though its rollout hasn’t been without some controversies.

The survey also revealed that users who had been using the operating system a while were more likely to know about the update.

If you compare the awareness rate of the Windows 11 update with that of iOS and Mac, the numbers show that Microsoft is not making meaningful progress.

This might lead to questions about whether Microsoft is doing enough to advertise its new operating system. But it has been established that the Windows 11 isn’t for one particular audience, which has to do with its strict hardware requirements. Furthermore, the free update won’t be available for many months, at a date that Microsoft has not yet announced.

However, Microsoft would be expected to show off its new product a little more. Considering that the company’s upcoming products this fall come with the new operating system preloaded, Microsoft doesn’t appear to be making enough noise.

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