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It looks like no one is buying Nvidia’s RTX 4070

Despite some positive reviews, including our own RTX 4070 review, Nvidia’s latest graphics card is reportedly seeing poor sales. Only one week after launching, it’s being beat by last-gen GPUs on bestseller charts, and reports suggest Nvidia could pause production to keep the price stable.

Wccftech reported that an update posted on the Chinese Board Channel forums says Nvidia could temporarily halt production in order to “maintain a stable price system.” It’s hard to say if Nvidia will actually pause production or not. Inventory and sales numbers are rarely shared, so it’s important to handle a forum post like this with some skepticism.

The RTX 4070 graphics card on a pink background.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Even without the forum post, it’s clear RTX 4070s aren’t flying off the shelves. The card doesn’t appear until the seventh position on Amazon’s Best Sellers list, and is being beat out by AMD’s RX 580 — a card that released over six years ago. The situation is even worse at Newegg, where the RTX 4070 doesn’t show up in the first three pages of bestsellers (around 60 GPUs) despite several models being available at list price.

In Germany, TechEpiphany says that the card is doing slightly better. In a weekly report of sales, the RTX 4070 topped the charts, but only narrowly over AMD’s last-gen RX 6600. Since then, the account reports that sales have skyrocketed for the card in Germany, with it leading the sales charts for last week.

🔥 Graphics Cards Retail Sales Week 15 2023 (mf)
(RTX 4070 launch week)

ℹ️ Units/share:
AMD: 2660 units, 58.98%, ASP: 559
Nvidia: 1830, 40.58%, ASP: 798
Intel: 20, 0.44%, ASP: 289

ℹ️ Revenue/share:
AMD revenue: 1488180, 50.36%
NVIDIA: 1461225, 49.45%
Intel: 5782, 0.2%


— TechEpiphany 🇭🇺🇷🇺🇧🇾🇷🇸🇧🇷🇿🇦🇰🇪🇱🇮 (@TechEpiphany) April 15, 2023

Although sales could be ramping up in some parts of the world, it doesn’t seem the RTX 4070 has had a big impact in the U.S. Rumors point to plans at Nvidia to offer rebates to board partners on the card. And since launch, multiple models that were selling above list price have since dropped down to list price.

Even with reportedly poor sales, it’s unlikely the price of the RTX 4070 will tumble. Rumors point to Nvidia launching an RTX 4060 Ti in May, which, according to some reports, will run $450.

We gave the RTX 4070 a positive review, but many have struggled to get a grip on its price. The card launched at $600, despite the previous-generation RTX 3070 launching at $500. The card only provides a minor generational uplift, too, matching the RTX 3080 for around $100 less, but losing out to AMD’s RX 6950 XT. Instead, the card heavily leans on Nvidia’s impressive DLSS 3 technology, offering stellar performance in small list of supported games.

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