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Gears 5 in 8K is too much to handle for Nvidia’s $2,500 Titan RTX graphics card

8K is finally starting to make its way into the mainstream. With several TVs and even cameras starting include the highest resolution available, it is only a matter of time until 8K gaming becomes the norm. Unfortunately, that day is not coming anytime soon after it was shown that the most powerful GPU on the market struggled to run Gears 5 on the highest settings.

The recent news first came to light after TweakTown performed a benchmark for Gears 5. The site ran numerous performance tests on several of the best GPUs currently available, which includes Nvidia’s graphics card, the Titan RTX, which is currently priced at $2,500.

During the benchmark, TweakTown ran two separate 8K performance tests: One on 8K resolution with medium graphical settings and another on 8K with ultra graphical settings. The site reported that while the game can run in 8K resolution, gamers will have to sacrifice frame rate. Nvidia’s pricy GPU was unsuccessful at hitting 30 fps on medium settings, which speaks volumes about how graphically demanding AAA games are when it comes to 8K visuals.

Gears 5 Frozen
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Other GPUs featured in the performance test struggled to reach 30 fps with AMD’s Radeon VII performing the worst of the bunch with an averaging 18.4 fps on medium settings and 12.8 fps on ultra. Interestingly enough, Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti performance was not that far behind the Titan RTX. With an average of 18 fps on ultra settings and 25.6 frames per second on medium settings.

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The biggest takeaway from the benchmark is that currently, there is no graphics card on the market that can push Gears 5 at 8K. While it has been proven that the game is playable in 8K, those looking to play the game in 8K resolution with a high framerate will have to wait just a little while longer. Until then, there is always the option for gamers to efficiently run Gears 5 and other AAA titles at 1080p and 1440p thanks to the current GPUs available.

The recent benchmark has raised questions about whether or not Microsoft’s upcoming gaming console, Xbox Project Scarlett will deliver on playing games in 8K resolution and up to 120 frames per second. Sony also claims the PlayStation 5 will provide an 8K resolution gaming experience. Should both these companies manage to achieve this successfully, there is a high probability that both gaming systems will come with a steep price tag.

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