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Long overdue video embedding finally comes to OneNote

Microsoft OneNote
OneNote, Microsoft’s information management software, has gotten a new update, and with it you can finally embed videos into your notes. The developer has also added a bunch of other features, making this one of the heftier updates to the app.

If a user pastes a link to an online video to their notes they’ll see thumbnails of that video and play it if they wish. The new functionality will work in OneNote for Windows 10, Mac, or iOS, supported websites include Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, and Sway. But let’s scramble through the other updates included this time around.

On Windows, users will be able to sign in to OneNote using their Office 365 organization ID. Windows Phone users will be able to speak their notes with the new audio recording feature.


The other platforms are also receiving some love. If you’re on iOS you can rearrange audio recordings, images, text, and shapes by touching and dragging. There’s also a lasso tool to select several separate items and rearrange them. Another neat feature for Apple fans is that they now can insert multiple photos on a page at the same time. And if you’re not satisfied with the angle you’ll now also be able to rotate the images on both iPad and iPhone.

In OneNote Online you will find a Smart Lookup addition. Using this OneNote will provide content related to whatever you may mark in the text. Just select a phrase, open the context menu, and click to get inspiration or research related to your graduation work.

Those who are using OneNote more may also find themselves lost in all of the material they’ve produced. To solve this, OneNote has done work on their notebook list view. “We’ve re-shelved the notebook list and now you can distinguish between your personal notebooks, notebooks that others have shared with you, and OneNote Class Notebooks you belong to.”

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