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iBuyPower just put an LCD display in a gaming PC's side panel

iBUYPOWER Project Snowblind - Custom Digital Side Panel
For those who like LCD panels, iBuyPower has put one in a PC’s side panel. The company did this with its new design, known as the Snowblind. The case for this new system combines a traditional clear window display — so you can see all of your no-doubt pricey components — with an LCD readout, letting you put any information you want right where everyone can see it.

The system is pretty eye-catching and was quite an attraction at the iBuyPower booth at this year’s Computex. Championing iBuyPower’s love of customization and providing their customers with options when they buy a full system, the Snowblind is designed to let them do just that.


“Project Snowblind represents the next leap forward in gaming PC customization,” iBuyPower said in a related statement. “Featuring a tailor-made clear LCD side panel, this PC will showcase your hardware like never before, while allowing you to have virtually any graphic display.”

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Buyers of a Snowblind system can expect all of the usual standards that they get with an iBuyPower system, but with this particular PC, there is the addition of that fancy-looking LCD display. In the above imagery iBuyPower has had it displaying CPU usage, letting you know exactly what is sipping power from your processor, but the idea is that you could have anything display there.

Theoretically you could have a logo, or system specifications, or a chat window that gives you a heads-up when someone is trying to get in touch — the sky is the limit and iBuyPower is hoping that level of customization and user control will help Project Snowblind become a popular part of its range of systems.

The only downside is that right now getting hold of one of these systems isn’t easy. To do so you need to contact iBuyPower directly for a quote, which likely means it’s going to be a pricey build.

Would you be interested in owning a system like this?

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