ResetPlug cycles your Wi-Fi power, so you don't have to

resetplug wifi router powerplug
The most commonly used tool of the trade for any personal or professional IT expert, is to just reset the troublesome piece of equipment. The same can often be said for your home router, but doing that manually can be a right pain if it’s something that has to be done with any sort of regularity. ResetPlug thinks otherwise though, and it wants to take the task of resetting your router’s power off your hands.

ResetPlug is a smart plug that can detect when your Wi-Fi isn’t working, essentially acting like a client that keeps an eye on whether the service is running without using up much bandwidth. If your Wi-Fi drops and fails to reconnect, ResetPlug will automatically turn your router off and then on again for you.

If that works, huzzah(!) the smart plug has done its job and you can continue using the Internet after the reboot. However, should there be some kind of fault that caused the downed connection, and it does not return immediately, ResetPlug will continue to cycle power to the router until it does, letting you stay hands-off with your troubleshooting.

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Not only is this an interesting product for those who simply prefer to not get up to press the reset button on their router, but it’s a great idea for services that are Wi-Fi dependent, in hard to reach places, or are located at facilities that are regularly unmanned. Keeping wireless security cameras, smart smoke alarms, and remote media servers online should be easier with the knowledge that ResetPlug will keep powering up your router until it works.

As a smart plug too, you can customize how ResetPlug reacts to everything. If you would prefer it only cycle the power every two minutes or five, or 10, it’s up to you.

ResetPlug is available directly from the manufacturer, priced at $60 + shipping and should work in many territories around the world, as it’s rated for 90-260v.

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