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If you forgive the resolution, Samsung’s quantum dot displays look impressive

Samsung 34-Inch Gaming Monitor - Hands On - IFA 2016
Samsung has announced a new pair of curved monitors aimed at gamers, in 24-inch and 27-inch form factors. Known as the C24FG70 and C27FG70, their major selling point is that they use quantum dot technology, which can make a big difference to the perceived resolution and clarity of an image. The only spec that may turn gamers off is that these are only 1,080 pixel displays.

“With the introduction of quantum dot technology to our pioneering curved monitors, Samsung offers a look into the future of gaming, along with a level of picture quality like the industry has never seen before,” said Samsung’s SVP of visual display business, Seog-gi Kim (via Hexus).

These screens are marketed at gamers and their specifications reflect that. Both feature a response time as low as 1ms, so there will be no ghosting whatsoever on these displays. They also support refresh rates up to 144Hz, so if you have the internal hardware to output at over 100 frames per second, you will get a crisper picture for it.

The quantum dot technology is arguably the biggest selling point of these monitors though, and it opens up whole new levels of color depth and picture clarity. It’s a nice touch and gamers should notice much richer colors and black and whites in their gaming. The only question mark is whether these advantages eclipse the 1080p resolution.

Samsung curved Gaming monitor CFG70(2016 NEW) : Feature video

While 1,900 x 1,080 pixels is nothing to sniff at, it’s hardly a cutting-edge resolution any more. Most gamers looking to upgrade are likely to want something a little heftier, especially if they are opting for the 27-inch model. We’re somewhat surprised there isn’t at least an option for a 1,440p display, or a 4K alternative.

Still, these displays do come with Freesync support, so they should be flicker free. They also have a decent 3000:1 contrast ratio, and feature a solid hinge mechanism for easy maneuvering and adjustment. They’re a pretty decent overall package.

No word yet on pricing or an intended release, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that information was just around the corner.

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