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This is the world’s first 200GB MicroSD card, courtesy of SanDisk

Running out of space on your smartphone? That’s a problem SanDisk wants to eliminate entirely, so the flash memory master has worked its magic to bring the storage capacity you’d expect from a desktop to your mobile device. The company announced a new 200GB MicroSDXC card at Mobile World Congress 2015 — enough room to cram in all those “backed up” episodes of Game of Thrones and House of Cards you’re keeping handy, not to mention your entire Katy Perry song book and photo gallery.

SanDiskmicroSDIt’s simultaneously the largest and smallest example of flash memory that you’ll see — it’s the highest capacity of memory that you’ll find crammed into a package about the size of a finger nail. The SanDisk UHS-I card, Premium Edition, utilizes the same proprietary technology that allowed the company to turn out a 128GB MicroSD last year, they’ve just managed to increase the size by 56 percent. Good luck filling that up with selfies any time soon.

Best of all, that new space won’t slow down this card one bit — it maintains its 90MB per second transfer speed, equivalent to 1,200 photos per minute.

Good things may come in small packages, but the 200GB MicroSDXC card from SanDisk won’t come cheap. When it arrives in the second quarter of 2015, it will come with a retail price of $400. Technological progress isn’t always affordable.

Updated by Jeffrey Van Camp: I’ve added two hands-on photos of the actual 200GB MicroSD card from the MWC show floor in Barcelona, Spain.

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