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Microsoft shipping Surface Studio to earliest adopters this week

Microsoft Surface Studio
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends
By far the most exciting new PC to hit the stage in 2016 has been Microsoft’s Surface Studio. The all-in-one desktop aimed at creative professionals took the stage at Microsoft October hardware event and stole the thunder from Apple’s event just a day later.

Even though it’s incredibly expensive, starting at $3,000 for the version with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hybrid drive, Microsoft sold out of its likely limited initial production run almost immediately. That’s arguably a remarkable achievement for such a new machine that’s priced so high, and now those early adopters can expect their orders to arrive soon, as Thurrott reports.

Those quick enough to have pulled the trigger on the initial run have been informed by Microsoft that their credit cards are being run through the virtual swipe machine and their orders will be shipping the week of November 21. That should be good news for anyone who’s waiting with bated breath to place that Surface Dial hockey puck accessory on the screen and start creating.

Brad Sams/
Brad Sams/

Reviews of the Surface Studio have been generally good, remarking on the incredible screen, the responsiveness of the Surface Pen, and the unique nature of the Surface Dial. Digital Trend’s Matt Smith summarized the Surface Studio by saying, “For its target audience, though, the Studio is a revolution. No major PC manufacturer has ever focused on the needs of creative professionals with the dedication Microsoft displays with the Studio. Until now, these users have made do with expensive add-on displays that, while certainly effective, lack any sense of elegance.”

Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio

It’s entirely likely the most of the early buyers are creative professionals such as artists, photographers, and designers of all stripes who will make use of the machine’s color accuracy, pen precision, and flexibility in moving from a vertical orientation to the standard drafting angle. Others may very well wait for Microsoft’s OEMs to come out with their own less expensive versions.

Nevertheless, for those who’ve already made their investment, some lucky few will be receiving their Surface Studios soon. Everyone else will have to wait until “early 2017” to set theirs up in their studios.

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