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Can you use the Surface Pen with the Surface Laptop Studio 2?

The Surface Pen is an excellent accessory for the Surface Laptop Studio 2, and yes, it works well with it. You can use the Surface Pen on the Surface Laptop Studio 2 for all kinds of tasks, from note-taking to doodlin, and sketching. The screen of the next-gen Surface Laptop Studio might be the same as the last one, but it still really lends itself to that sort of nuanced interaction, letting you get pixel-perfect drawing and writing from the Surface Pen.

Th Pen is still magnetic too, so it’s always on hand when you need it.

New Surface Laptop Studio 2 with a Surface Pen.
Jacob Roach / DigitalTrends

When will the Surface Laptop Studio 2 be available?

The Surface Laptop Studio 2 was officially announced at Microsoft’s September 2023 Surface event, and is slated to launch on October 3, though preorders are live now. As soon as it’s available, you can start using it with the Surface Pen. You can order a new Surface Pen with the Surface Laptop Studio 2, although you can order a Surface Pen now, and then grab the new laptop when it’s hits digital store shelves.

How to use the Surface Pen with the Surface Laptop Studio 2

To begin drawing, doodling, or writing with the Surface Pen on the Surface Laptop Studio 2, all you need to do is pair the two devices together. To do so, turn the Surface Pen and Surface Laptop Studio 2 on, and make sure Bluetooth is enabled. Then press and hold the top of the pen for 5 to 7 seconds until the light starts blinking to let you know it’s entered pairing mode.

Then on your Surface Studio 2, select the pen to pair it.

From there. you can start using it how you like. For more information, check out Microsoft’s range of Surface Pen guides.

Interested in learning more about the new device? We’ve got all the details on the Surface Laptop Studio 2.

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