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This is what Grand Theft Auto V looks like on PC

"Running, Man" | First Video Made in the GTA V PC Editor
Grand Theft Auto V is finally available on PC after being delayed for what feels like an eternity. The delays have left gamers with massive expectations, especially for those who elected not to play either the original or next-gen releases of GTA V. That’s a lot of time to build expectations and hopes, leaving Rockstar with a lot to live up to.

In a surprising move that was announced just before the game actually hit the market, Rockstar introduced a new feature called Rockstar Editor. With this, gamers can create detailed movies the likes of which haven’t been seen in the world of video games before. That, along with beautiful graphics, makes GTA V a game that’s just as enjoyable to look at it as it is to play.

The first video, seen in the header, comes to us from popular machinima YouTuber 8-BIT BASTARD. The video, created entirely with the Rockstar Editor, was actually commissioned by Rockstar Games to showcase what can be done with the new tools. It most certainly does that, and if set to 1080p 60fps on YouTube, it also does a fantastic job of showcasing just how good the PC release looks.

The greatest love story ever told

Another Rockstar Editor video, the one above showcases a lighthearted romp on the beach from Franklin, one of the three GTA V protagonists. It provides a good feel for the angles and ways one can work with the new Rockstar Editor, and it even features a positive message, you know, for the kids.


As cool as the editor is, what really excited gamers with top-of-the-line PCs is the ability to play the game in 4K, and it looks every bit as good as we hoped. The video above from GameRiot showcases the opening of GTA V in glorious 4K. My poor 2011 MacBook struggles just to watch the video, so you can only imagine how taxing it is to actually run the game itself.

GTA 5 PC 4K Ultra Settings Gameplay

If that last video wasn’t enough, there’s more 4K video out there. In fact, the video above showcases the game running on three EVGA GTX 980 video cards in SLI. Not a budget setup by any means, but it most certainly looks gorgeous.

Clearly Rockstar is aiming to make Grand Theft Auto V look beautiful, and with the introduction of its Rockstar Editor, it’s a game that will be all over YouTube for a long time.

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