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Windows 10 adoption rate is huge; 75 million in first month

windows 10 adoption 75 million sydneylaunch
If you’ve moved over to Windows 10 from whatever it was you had before — probably Windows 7 or 8.1 — then congratulations, you’re one of 75 million others who have also made the jump. This was announced by the corporate VP of the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi, who also released a number of other facts about Windows 10 that he’s rather excited about.

1. #Windows10: More than 75 million devices running Windows 10 – and growing every day. 1/10

— Yusuf Mehdi (@yusuf_i_mehdi) August 26, 2015

Of course while getting Windows 10 onto 75 million devices throughout — presumably — a similar number of homes is impressive, perhaps what’s more so, is that — as Mehdi tells us — it’s also global. As it stands, Windows 10 can be found on different hardware throughout as many as 192 countries.

We weren’t even sure there were that many.

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Mehdi has also been tweeting about statistics involving specific Windows 10 features, like its ability to stream games from an Xbox One to your Windows PC. Apparently, over 122 years worth of gameplay has been streamed to PCs from Xbox One’s already.

Another notable feature with the new OS is Cortana, the digital personal assistant based off of the AI companion in the Halo series. As you might expect, lots of people have tried asking her bizarre things in the hopes of eliciting a humorous response. As it turns out, you only need to ask her to tell you a joke, as she does know some. And those statistics tell us that over 500,000 people have done that in recent weeks.

No reports on how many of them Cortana was able to make laugh, though.

Even though Mehdi’s countdown was mostly about Windows 10 facts, he also took a couple of tweets to mention Microsoft’s “Upgrade Your World” Campaign, which will see some global and local non-profit organisations given a total of $10 million to continue what they’re doing. Mehdi highlighted the campaign and announced that more than 2,000 organisations were in the running for the money.

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