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Microsoft expands Insider rings with new ‘release preview’ builds

windows release preview ring 10 eco system
One of the biggest pushes Microsoft has made with the release of Windows 10 is for customer engagement. It has consistently extended the Windows Insider program to allow its user base to test out new features and now the firm is looking to expand that again with a new “release preview” ring.

Previously the two main components of the Windows Insider program were the fast ring and the slow ring. The first of these would receive updates more regularly, but in a less tested state, whereas the latter would gain access after a few more bugs were worked out.

Knowing that there are still people who would like to be part of the process, but who consider the slow ring a little too raw for them, Microsoft has now created a third ring, known as “release preview,” which will essentially give that expanded ring a look at new features just a short while before they are made available to the public.

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“Best for Insiders who enjoy getting early access to updates for the Current Branch, Microsoft applications, and drivers, with minimal risk to their devices, and still want to provide feedback to make Windows devices great,” reads Microsoft’s statement concerning its new Insider ring. 

However it won’t just be a case that the “release preview” builds are a slower slow ring, they also get access to updates that the others don’t. Due to the more complete nature of this Insider ring, those that are part of it will also be able to test out new driver updates and app updates (as per WinBeta), which might make it more attractive than the other two rings for those still sitting on the Insider fence.

If you’re not a member of the Windows Insider team currently, does this new ring sound more enticing to you?

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