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Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Desktop Combos

When strolling the aisles of Best Buy or the Web pages of Amazon, you’ll probably at some point come across a wireless keyboard/mouse combo from a manufacturer like Microsoft or Logitech. You may at that moment realize it’s time to ditch that old PS/2 mouse and AT keyboard you’ve been holding onto for years. Jump into the world of USB connectivity and wireless freedom as you explore some of the keyboard/mouse combos we’ve highlighted below and you’ll hopefully enjoy a wealth of features you never knew your computer might be able to do.

Logitech EasyCall DesktopLogitech EasyCall Desktop
The Logitech EasyCall Desktop is a wireless laser mouse/keyboard combo which includes a speakerphone and headset for making hands-free Internet telephone calls through compatible services. Besides letting you phone home, the EasyCall Desktop also sports highlighted features like soft rubber grips on the mouse, one-touch controls for Internet apps and audio, a soft-touch palm rest and extended battery life for both peripherals. The Logitech EasyCall Desktop has a street price of around $100 USD. Compare Prices

Logitech S 530 DesktopLogitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for Mac
If you are a Mac fanboy wanting to make a statement by not purchasing a Windows-centric desktop/mouse combo, consider the white and silver Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for Mac. As the name implies, this stylish combo offers up laser tracking for the mouse. Other features include one-touch controls for applications like iTunes and iPhoto, battery life of up to six months, five programmable mouse buttons and a thickness of less than ¾-inch. The Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for Mac has a street price of around $140 USD.Compare Prices

Microsoft Dekstop 8000Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000
This mothership of Microsoft keyboard/mouse combos does about everything a device like this under the sun can do. It has a futuristic industrial design with a thickness of one inch, works off of 2.4 GHz wireless Bluetooth technology and has automatic backlighting for the lights via ambient sensors. Other features include designated keys for key Windows XP and Vista functions and the ability to power both the mouse and keyboard in one charging station while remaining fully functional. Expect to pay about $150 USD for the Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000. Website

Microsoft Desktop ProMicrosoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro
Ergonomics is obviously a big deal when you are typing and click away all day. One keyboard/mouse combo which gets it right in the better health department is Microsoft’s Wireless Optical Desktop Pro. Contoured curves and a keyboard design which splits the QWERTY layout encourage more ergonomic interaction. These features are joined by others like customizable buttons, four-way tilt wheel scrolling and magnification of on-screen details. The Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro has a street price of just $44 USD. Compare Prices

Logitech DiNovo DesktopLogitech diNovo Media Desktop Laser
This wireless keyboard/mouse combo currently serves as one of Logitech’s flagship products. There’s a laundry list of features this pairing offers from their stylish bodies. These features include an ultra-flat keyboard, a separate wireless pad which acts as a calculator and clock, hot keys, media controls, a USB mini-receiver for taking the mouse with you for use with a laptop and wireless encrypting for pairing between your keyboard, numeric pad, mouse, and your receiver. You can expect to shell out about $200 USD for the Logitech diNovo Media Desktop Laser .Compare Prices

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