How to download Vimeo videos

Save your favorite Vimeo videos for offline use with these simple tools

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Long ago, when people wanted to capture the ephemeral television broadcasts of their favorite shows, they had to use a blank tape and a VCR to record it. Today, the process is a bit easier. If you want to download and archive a Vimeo video for personal use, you can do so with online converters or downloadable software. If you want to download YouTube videos, we have a guide for that, too.

But before you proceed, have a warning. Please keep in mind that laws regarding the copying and distribution of copyrighted material vary by location. Copyright holders might also have their own policies about whether they are fine with people making copies of their work. If you’re going to make a copy of a video on Vimeo, be aware of the creator’s stance.

Step 1: Visit ClipConverter

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The easiest way to download videos from Vimeo is to use an online converter.  You need to be careful about which one you choose, as there’s no guarantee of the quality of the downloads, and some types of these services might have intrusive ads. Our favorite is as it has a straightforward, clean, and concise interface.

Step 2: Copy and paste the Vimeo video URL

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To get started, find the Vimeo video you want to download and copy its URL from the address bar in your browser. Once it’s ready in your clipboard, head back to and paste into the black Video URL to Download box and then select Continue or simply press the Enter(Return) key. Give the service a few seconds to check the URL and then choose your preferred quality under Detected Media. If you want, you can also type in a custom file name.

Step 3: Start the download for your converted video

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Next, choose your preferred file type under Conversion Format. We’d recommend MP4 as it is the most universal media type, but alternatives like MOV are an option too. Also, make sure to check all checkboxes for Auto Mode and Convert From. Once that is done, click the black Start button to download your video. You’ll need to wait a bit for conversion to complete, but your wait times depend on how long the video is.

Alternative methods

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Though using an online converter is the best method for downloading Vimeo videos, there are several alternatives. Some videos on Vimeo might have a download button above the description to allow you to get a copy from the site itself, but this is usually up to the original uploader.

If that button isn’t there, you can try using software like 4K Video Downloader. To get started, first download and install the program to your PC or Mac. Copy the video URL you want to download, then open the app and hit the Paste Link button in the top left-hand corner. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Don’t be fooled by the name, you can download the video in other resolutions than 4K, although it does support that UHD resolution as well.

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