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Backpaix lets you wear your emotions on your backpack

BackPAIX | Commuter's Best Stylish And Versatile Backpack
Backpacks on Kickstarter are a dime a dozen, so what makes the latest venture by Paix Design different? Modules.

Backpaix just launched on Kickstarter and is a stylish bag that seems to be able to fit an amazing amount of stuff. You can put in your shoes thanks to a shoe pocket, attach your tripod or yoga mat to the loop at the bottom of the bag, access your items from the side, store your valuable goods in a hidden pocket, and more.

But Backpaix’s highlight feature is its Smart Badge System — a circular port, or Badge Dock, on the front of the backpack and on the shoulder strap lets you attach the Display Badge. The Display Badge is a smart display that has features like displaying pixel-styled emoji for the mood you’re in via an app. That’s right — you can show off a frowny face through your backpack to the person behind you.

You can also pair the badge to your phone, so if you leave your phone behind the badge will make a sound, and if you leave your bag behind your phone will alert you.

But the dock will have multiple uses, perfect for modules. With the dock on the shoulder strap, you’ll be able to mount devices like a GoPro to act like a body cam. The company has various ideas for more modules, such as a flashlight attachment, a speaker, a camera, and a sensor mount, some of which are listed in its stretch goals.

It’s pretty useful in that you won’t have to mount your GoPro on your head, especially if you’re biking. Or if the flashlight module becomes a reality — it’s a hands-free way to shine your path, whether you’re biking home or exploring a cave.

With the Display Badge on the front of the backpack, you can also tap into the Biker Mode, where you’ll get a remote control to attach to your bike. Tapping the right or left indicators when biking will signal vehicles behind which way you’re turning, via the Display Badge on your back. It looks a little small from the back though, so it’s unclear if drivers will actually be able to tell that the blinking light is your turn signal.

The whole backpack is made of recycled plastic, and is weatherproof. The zippers are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any rainwater seeping in, and there’s also the option of buying the model with the Paix Battery — a 10,000mAH battery pack. You can route a USB cable through the bag to have it come out of a charging slit on the side of the bag. The chrome buckle on the front also doubles as a bottle opener. All-in-all it seems like the perfect, versatile bag for a commuter or adventurer who wants to travel light.

Within its first day on Kickstarter, Paix Design has reached $32,294 as of publication, and its goal is to hit $50,000 in 48 days. It looks as though the backpack will retail around $250, but there are various bundles and deals — one of which gets you Backpaix for only $159. The bags are expected to ship in November.

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