Black Widow camera holster makes carrying a DSLR a breeze

black widow camera holster makes carrying a dslr breeze spiderThe biggest advantage of the Black Widow camera holster is that it eliminates all the normal pain of holding a heavy DSLR around one’s neck and shoulder.

When the camera is slid into the holster, the Black Widow responds with an audible click from its built-in locking mechanism, providing users with peace-of-mind that the camera is secure for hands-free carrying and protected from a snatch-and-grab threat.

The Black Widow comes packaged with the required Spider Pin which attaches directly to the camera’s tripod mount or to the accessory Black Widow Plate, and is the key to the Black Widow’s quick access. Designed primarily for photographers using quick-release tripod plates, the Black Widow Plate permits fluid movement, as its unique design ensures the camera lens is always pointed away from the ground.

“With the Black Widow Camera Holster, the camera stays put at the photographer’s hip, providing maximum comfort while ensuring that the user is in the best possible position to capture life’s memorable moments,” said Shai Eynav, President of Spider Holster. “The success of the SpiderPro proved the merits of our design concept and the Black Widow will allow a new audience of casual shooters and photography enthusiasts to comfortably carry their camera to places they never would have thought possible before. Too often photographers miss the perfect shot because they’re rooting through bags for their point-and-shoot or they didn’t pack their DSLR because it was too cumbersome.”

The Spider Holster Black Widow Camera Holster is compatible with most small, medium-lightweight cameras and will retails $49.99. To learn more, visit Spider Holster.