Furrion’s luxurious smart yacht looks like the perfect vessel for a Bond villain

Forget smart watches, smart TVs and, well, smart diapers, when it comes to the undeniable biggest smart product at CES 2019, it’s none other than the luxury, 78-foot Adonis smart yacht. The first time that a yacht has appeared at CES, Adonis not only looks like a standout stunner of the yacht world, but it also boasts the latest in smart home (smart boat?) technology. Basically, if a James Bond villain was going to own a luxury vessel, this would be the boat for them. And we mean that in the best possible way.

Created as a partnership between tech company Furrion and Turkish boat builder Numarine, Adonis combines sleek and stylish design with some impressive cutting-edge technology. Chief among its tech touches is the vessel’s “virtual concierge,” an A.I. assistant called Angel. Angel functions much like a sea-bound Alexa, but with the addition of facial recognition alongside the voice control features — and the goal of learning your preferences (or, more realistically, those of whichever billionaire is lucky enough to own Adonis). Cleverly, Angel can operate either online on via a special closed network which allows it to continue functioning even far out at sea.

There are also a whole lot of other smart tech features throughout the vessel, such as a range of smart mirrors which can double as touchscreens, televisions, or other kinds of display as required. It sounds impressively self-sufficient, too.

“I am particularly excited about the technology aboard that allows you to enjoy an off-grid experience longer,” Aaron Fidler, CEO and co-founder of Furrion, told Digital Trends. “Adonis has [an] ePOD battery cell and Furrion energy management system, which can power the living space when the yacht is at anchor. Adonis’ water maker system [can also be used to] turn seawater into fresh drinking water.”

There’s no word on when Adonis will be available, or how much it is expected to cost. Still, its presence at CES is yet another reminder of how broad the popular consumer electronics tech convention can be with its offerings — and, like self-driving cars and flying passenger drones, just which direction future transport is headed in.

“We design products and solutions that let consumers enjoy an environment where modern luxury and sustainability thrive in synergy,” Fidler continued. “Our customers want to explore and soak up the experience and our goal is to deliver technology that facilitates that, all while make sure it delivers on the need, the design aesthetic we are known for, and is sustainable.”

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