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Super high-speed travel may be going to India in the form of the Hyperloop

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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
It might have been born in America, but it looks like it’s going to grow up somewhere overseas. The Hyperloop, Elon Musk’s ambitious concept that was first debuted in 2013, might be going to India. Recent reports suggest that Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), an American startup championing the dream of bringing the 760-mph transportation system to market, is planning on beginning negotiations with government authorities in the southeast Asian country.

“Imagine Chennai to Bengaluru in less than 30 minutes for a fraction of the cost of air travel today,” Joel Michael, the chief global operations director of the Los Angeles-based company told the Economic Times via email. The executive is slated to attend the i5 Summit in India next week, where initial negotiations might commence.

“Transportation is a multi-billion dollar industry that has yet to meaningfully innovate against issues like gridlock, pollution and traveler discomfort,” said Gresta. “We see our role as taking responsibility for introducing that innovation.”

His company is already constructing a five mile Hyperloop test track in Quay Valley, California. This miniature version of the transportation system boasts a top speed of around 745 miles per hour, and is expected to be completed by 2019. And because HTT is using renewable technology and kinetic energy to operate the track, operational prices (and hopefully, by extension, ticket prices) should be relatively low.

HTT is not the only company working on the Hyperloop, however, and India might not be the only country graced with such a high-speed system. Hyperloop One is another U.S. company also attempting to turn Elon Musk’s dream into a reality, and back in June, the company announced a partnership with the Summa Group, a Russian port and oil business.

So one way or another, it looks like the Hyperloop may soon come to fruition. But you might have to travel overseas to experience it in all its glory.

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