Indiegogo stops by DT’s booth at CES to show off some cool crowdfunding projects

Crowdfunding is hot right now, but what do creators do once they’ve got the money? That’s the question Indiegogo wants to answer, and its CEO David Mandlebrot stopped by the DT booth at CES 2018 in Las Vegas to discuss that question and show off some neat new Indiegogo projects.

The company’s current focus is on a concept-to-market approach, where the crowdfunding site provides assistance to creators before, during, and after the crowdfunding experience. One example is Travis the Translator, a successful crowdfunding campaign for a device that can translate from and to 80 languages.

Mandlebrot says that Indiegogo assisted the Travis team by connecting them with partner Arrow Electronics. Arrow, in turn, helped Travis source parts to make its innovative handheld translator a reality.

But it’s not always about tech: Mandlebrot says that there’s typically a 50/50 split between tech gadgets and other useful inventions when it comes to crowdfunding projects. He had one such invention to show off at the DT booth called the Mifold — think of it as a booster seat without the boost. Instead of the child sitting on a seat that allows the safety belt to safely restrain him or her, the Mifold instead brings the top part of the belt down to the child’s shoulder, where it can safely restrain them without causing discomfort.

Of course, we’re a tech site here at DigitalTrends, so Mandlebrot had plenty to show us, including a new type of VR system called the VR Free by SensoryX. These new type of gloves include built-in sensors to track finger movements without the need for any other tracking devices, which the company claims makes its offering more immersive, intuitive, convenient, and precise.

We were impressed with the demo they showed us at the booth, which really seemed to allow for fine movements — like playing a virtual piano — that might be more difficult to do with other platforms.

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