Is the world ready for Romo, the smartphone robot?

is the world ready for romo smartphone robotWhere would your smartphone go if it had its own set of wheels?

If the makers of Romo the SmartPhone Robot make good on their Kickstarter campaign promise, we’ll soon know the answer to that question.

Created by Peter Seid and Phu Nguyen of Romotive, Romo offers a platform mount for your iOS or Android smartphone and a pair of treads that allow for mobility at a pretty quick clip, if the accompanying videos are any indication. Users can download Romo-specific apps that allow for a variety of games and other abilities, and the creators encourage developers to come up with their own downloadable applications of the smartphone-and-motor interface.

The first package of Romo applications available through the iTunes app store and Android Market will offer users a trio of things to do with their new robot buddy, including “Romo Kart,” a Mario Kart-like racing game for multiple robots; “RomoRemote,” the ability to turn Romo into a mobile spy camera and deliver audio; and a Drag-and-Drop Programming Module that allows users to program Romo with certain commands.

You can get more info on Romo and the Romotive team at the project’s Kickstarter campaign page, and we’ve embedded their initial pitch video below, as well as a video of a hands-on test conducted by Engadget.