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Jetpack guy gets the Samsung Galaxy S7 off to a flying start

Jetpack Man in Dublin
Samsung’s Ireland office thought it’d be a good idea to promote the new Galaxy S7 handset by getting a guy in a jetpack to fly along Dublin’s River Liffey. So on Wednesday, that’s exactly what happened.

According to Samsung Ireland’s Twitter feed, jetpack daredevil Nick Macomber made the 30-second flight “to deliver a Galaxy S7,” though why and to whom we’re not exactly sure.

Still, the good news is Macomber arrived at his destination – a platform floating in the Liffey – in one piece. In fact, he made the trip look rather effortless, which isn’t really surprising as he’s been using his trusty jetpack to perform similar stunts around the world for a number of years now.

Last year the stuntman bagged a Guinness World Record for the highest jetpack flight from a building, circling the 45th floor rooftop of Denver’s Four Seasons Hotel.

While his usual flights are “like riding a bike,” he told CBS he found the Denver feat pretty darn scary: “The consequences are so much more at that height. If I’m 20 feet off the ground and I fall out of the sky, I break my legs but I still live. If I fell out of the sky there, it’s game over.”

The flying gear weighs around 65 pounds, though fully laden with hydrogen peroxide fuel it becomes double that. Flights are currently limited to 30 seconds because of the large amount of fuel it takes to power him off terra firma.

“I’m constantly battling this thrust to weight ratio and the more fuel I add in the machine, the longer I can fly, but then I get to a point where I don’t get off the ground,” Macomber said.

You can see more of Macomber and his awesome back-based contraption in the 2015 documentary, Incredible Flying Jetpacks.

As for the Galaxy S7, Samsung’s new flagship phone has been picking up some pretty positive press. With the handset hitting stores on Friday, now’s the perfect time to check out DT’s in-depth review of the phone here.

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