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Startup lets you create a map of your favorite place and wear it as jewelry

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Home may be where the heart is, but it can also be … on your finger. Thanks to a new Kickstarter project, you can take your favorite place and wear it, either as a ring or as a pendant, as a stunning geometric design. Dubbed “You Are Here,” this personal map jewelry lets you choose any place on the planet and turn its map into a unique accessory.

You’ll serve as your own designer for this highly personalized piece — simply pay a visit to the online interactive map, enter any address or place, and zoom in and drag the map around to finalize the frame you’d like to capture. Your selected map will then be “further refined and embedded into your selected jewelry design at the studio,” the You Are Here team explains on its Kickstarter page. Ultimately, your design will be transformed into metal, and subsequently plated with 24K gold or silver.

Whether it’s your hometown, the setting of your first kiss, or the road trip of a lifetime, you can memorialize the place or the journey with this piece of jewelry. You can choose from a number of different finishes — whether you want a lapel pin promising “clean and understated design” that is the “perfect unisex piece to adorn any jacket or pocket,” a pendant with three different necklace lengths to choose from, or a statement ring with an open back that can be adjusted to any one of your fingers, you can wear your memories with pride. All collection designs are available in either 24K gold or sterling silver plating with a matte finish.

Currently, you can order your own piece on Kickstarter for the early bird price of $99 (the final retail price is currently slated to be $129). Pieces are expected to be shipped in July of this year.

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