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Harness the power of the sun with Jus, the next-level battery pack for your iPhone

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It’s the source of all energy on Earth, so of course the sun should be the secret behind your iPhone’s unending battery life. And with Jus, the solar-powered rechargeable battery pack that doubles as a case for your iPhone, you can harness all the wonders of the great ball of fire in the sky for the great source of communication in your hand. Described as a “truly … remarkable advance in green approaches to powering your iPhone” sans cords, chargers, or “holes in walls” (better known as outlets), Jus is hoping to “fundamentally change the way you use your phone by replacing conventional charging with solar solving.”

Effectively strapping a super advanced solar panel to the back of your phone, Jus notes on its Kickstarter page that it uses the latest innovations in solar technology to incorporate “the most efficient cells available to capture the power and stores it in a 4,000mAh lithium-polymer battery.” Harnessing enough energy to actually charge your phone twice, the full potential of the Jus allows you to triple the talk time of your iPhone for 42 hours on a single charge. “And if you have access to ambient indoor light or sunlight,” the team adds, “Jus will never run out of power, ever again.”

In an email to Digital Trends, Jus’ project manager Shane claims that the latest prototype has lasted nearly six months and kept his iPhone going purely with solar power. “In the five months and 22 days I have been testing Jus,” Shane wrote, “I have not plugged my phone into any other source, adapter, or power cord, and it has been powered 100 percent on solar power.” And with his active lifestyle and two kids, the freedom to stay on the go without worrying about losing phone power has been pretty stellar. “I feel like a total badass transforming light into battery power,” he adds.

With 18 days left in the campaign, Jus has already raised $17,871 of its $18,348 from 155 backers on Kickstarter, and if you want to get in on the phone, it’ll cost you about $110 to get a Jus for yourself (the early-bird specials, unfortunately, have all gone out the door). Currently, Jus supports the iPhone 6, 6Plus, 6S, and the 6S Plus, but the team notes that they’re looking to expand functionality and fit. 

So never run out of power again — unless, that is, the sun explodes.

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