Mitsubishi Shows Off Monster 155-inch OLED Display

While Sony, Samsung and LG are busy perfecting OLED manufacturing techniques to make viable sets in sizes up to 32 inches, Mitsubishi has  a different plan for building the gigantic OLED displays you’ve always dreamed of: Just jam a bunch of little ones together. That’s exactly what the company did at CEATAC in Japan this week when it unveiled its 155-inch OLED prototype.

The so-called Diamond Vision OLED display uses a seamless-looking patchwork of 4-inch OLED panels to produce a total display as big as your living room wall – and Mitsubishi says there’s no real limit to how far it will scale with the right number of tiles. Time Square, here we come.

Or not. Although Mitsubishi found a clever way around the scale issue that continues to plague OLED displays suitable for living-room use, the company hasn’t done anything to circumvent the relatively short lifetime of the displays. The screens are still only estimated to deliver about 20,000 hours of use, meaning any signage erected with it would fizzle out in a little over two years of continuous use.

Mitsubishi offered precious few other details on the display, including when – if ever – it would be commercially available. Video of the monolithic wonder can be found on YouTube.

Mitsubishi 155-inch OLED Display


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