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Neova MIDI ring lets musicians control their musical creations through gestures

Neova MIDI Ring Controller by Enhancia

Like a next-gen smart guitar whammy bar, Neova is a MIDI controller ring that musicians can wear on the index finger of their right hand to trigger different effects while they’re playing — ranging from pitch bend to vibrato.

“In a way, I have always been frustrated by the lack of expressiveness of electronic music,” creator Damien Le Boulaire told Digital Trends. “Computers have incredible potential to create sounds, but lack of control possibilities. There are dedicated new control surfaces that exist, but let’s be honest: Nothing can replace a good instrument. Working on innovative music interfaces, I had the idea to create an accessory that would enhance an instrument rather than replace it. This is how Neova was born.”

The ring contains nine different sensors, and is able to follow your movements while you perform. Recognized gestures can include hand wobbles, tilts to the side and forward, a rolling motion and a hand wave. The movements are sent to a computer-connected hub, via USB, and each one can be mapped to different effects. You can even raise or lower the sensitivity to get the most out of the device.


“This product can be used by every passionate musician,” Le Boulaire continued. “Since it is a MIDI controller, it is compatible with almost every digital instrument. The ring was first thought for keyboardists with dedicated gestures, but we continue to develop new movements that fit to any instrument. The way you use Neova is only limited by your inspiration.”

The team has also developed their own synthesizer called Plume. Although Neova works as a stand-alone MIDI controller, combining it with Plume allows you to tap into a selection of 200 different sounds, which can be used as presets.

We do, of course, offer all our usual warnings about the risks of crowdfunded projects. However, if you’re interested in getting your hands (well, finger) on a Neova, you can currently pledge your hard-earned cash over on the team’s Kickstarter page. Prices start at 210 euros ($256), including both Neova and Plume. The Neova ring is available in both black and white options. Shipping is set for March 2019.

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