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This stylish and durable ‘paper’ watch is impossible to tear

If you’re still not convinced your wrist needs a smartwatch but you’d nevertheless like a time-telling tool for at-a-glance convenience, then a super-simple digital device with a twist may appeal.

Switzerland remains the watchmaking capital of the world, but a startup in neighboring Germany is hoping to score success with an offbeat design the likes of which you’ve almost certainly never seen before.

As its name helpfully suggests, the Papr Watch looks and feels like paper but is actually extremely durable and so won’t tear within seconds of you wrapping it around your wrist. Because that’d make it really rather useless.

It’s made from Tyvek, a strong spunbonded olefin sheet product that’s much, much tougher than paper. Developed many years ago by DuPont, you’ve probably already worn a Tyvek band around your wrist at some point, perhaps at a festival or some such event.

It won’t get soggy

Equally important is Tyvek’s water resistance, so the Papr Watch won’t get soggy and drop off your wrist if you’re caught in the rain. Heck, you can even wear the device in the shower should you need to keep an eye on the time while you’re washing away the day’s dirt.

The digital watch face sits under the paper in the usual place but is clearly visible (that’s good), and the strap clicks firmly shut using magnets. And don’t worry about having to charge it every day — the Papr Watch uses a battery that will run for up to two years before it needs changing.

A bonus is the large number of available designs — 29 at launch — that include retro, geometric, black and white, and maritime styles, as well as several featuring various animals if you’d prefer something a little more zoological.

The Papr Watch has just broken through its Indiegogo funding target and already has more than 300 backers. Early bird deals include your very own Papr Watch in exchange for a pledge of 28 euros (about $30), representing a 20 percent saving on the expected retail price.

Berlin-based Paprcuts, which has five years of experience making other accessories using the same material, aims to start shipping its unique watch worldwide in August.

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